Welcome to my site!

Its main purpose is for me to play with the technologies I find interesting and wish to learn. The server is hosted on an Amazon EC2 instance (vps), running as a free-tier t2.micro instance (Ubuntu-x64 OS).

Brief directory of what to find:

Nginx is used for the blog and Kestrel for the .NET Core site (however Nginx sits in front proxying, since they can't both bind to port 80). Supervisor is used to manage (start/stop/update) .NET Core. Would love to encapsulate the entire project here to a container with autoscaling CloudFormation (loadbalancers, Route3 and everything... a future project).

"There is value in taking a moment to think about the deep and broad stack that your application sits on. Go thank and support the projects, both open source and not, that your application uses. Revel in the layers of abstraction that others have created and appreciate the ones that you have created. They make all the LEGO pieces you're using just the correct size, and they make snapping them together a lot of fun. It's a great time to be a programmer. " - We are abstracting on the shoulders of giants

Enjoy your stay!
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